The Idea

Thanks for visiting our website – unfortunately Clean Sl8 is no longer active. If you are interested in soap recycling in the United Kingdom, please contact the amazing folks over at Clean Conscience, who are taking soap recycling to a whole new level! If you’re just curious about what we did at Clean Sl8, read on or drop seb[at] a line.

Every year, more than 14 million bars of soap are discarded by hotels in Britain. Most of this soap is only lightly used. It can be sanitised and then recycled using a safe, simple and cost-effective process. At CLEAN SL8 we did just that: saved the soap to raise the bar. Meet the man who invented this idea in the video below.

Together with generous hotel partners we collected luxury toiletries and reprocessed them. Because making a new bar of soap requires hundreds of litres of water – while making a recycled one requires almost none. So the soap we made was a great choice for consumers who value environmental sustainability, locally made products and business with a conscience, but don’t want to pay a fortune for their soap.

The true cost of soap

And that’s not all. Homeless shelters and disaster relief agencies need soap for the people they serve. Through our partnerships with them we donated much of our soap to our neighbours in need. Because the humble bar of soap can do a lot of good if it’s put in the right hands. That’s why hotels and charities, including the Hilton Hotels and World Vision, have welcomed soap recycling schemes in the United States and East Asia. CLEAN SL8 has finally brought this idea to the UK.

Clean Sl8 collected soap in Oxford from 2013 until 2014. After a successful 18-month pilot stage, we passed all Oxfordshire soap recycling operations to the Ley Community in August 2014. The Ley Community is a charity that helps homeless people and ex-offenders struggling with addiction overcome their difficulties through a residential programme.


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